Days 40-50 And the water came up from the earth, funneling itself down the sandy wash. I looked for the source and found it among a patch of reeds, swaying evenly in the hot spring breeze. The plants moved against each other and let out a woodwind drawl, conducted by the movement of the air. … More Ebb

Hayduke Day 40

The night was warm and I slept deeply–not even a dream to occupy an empty head–so that when I wake up it’s as if a blank page is opened before me. I hesitate to move, but morning limbs are made to be unfolded and I take my time stretching out each one until I’m a … More Hayduke Day 40

Hayduke Day 39

Some simple math: 40 long lonely road miles along Highway 67–closed for the season–across the snowy Kaibab Plateau. Sunset at the north rim of the Grand Canyon at 7:30. If this particular human can walk comfortably at 3.25 miles an hour (with loaded backpack, of course), while taking minimal breaks, what time must he leave … More Hayduke Day 39

Hayduke Day 38

April 18 And if you could climb up, how far would you go? What would you see? What would you call out? I wake up at the precise moment the sun passes the upper limits of the opposing ridge of mountains. In doing so, the day and I become twins, born and rising together. We … More Hayduke Day 38

Hayduke Day 37

April 17 As I stand on the edge of the road that leads out of Kanab, the part where the speed limit jumps from 40 to 65 and cars whir past, I practice being grateful. Clear sky, plenty of food and water, gear that can get me from place to place and a body that … More Hayduke Day 37