I wrote posts for many of my days through Oregon, but I didn’t write consistently.  A number of days found me making camp late and eating dinner on these wonderful moss covered logs that are slowly returning to the earth.  Many times I ate by headlamp light, and since I write after I eat I … More Oregon

August 5 (Day 96)

1681.9 to 1707.0  Daily miles: 25.1 I have left California, feet stained with its dirt and dust so that I think they’ve been tattooed. I’ve already forgotten more rugged beauty than most people have seen in a lifetime.  Forgive me for that, my brain gets overwhelmed sometimes. I’ve been too-hot, too-cold, too-wet, too-dry, too-hungry and … More August 5 (Day 96)

August 4 (Day 95)

CS1655.9 to CS1681.9 (1655.9 to 1681.9) Daily miles: 26 Today is my last full day in California, and I finished up the last big climb before my mid morning snack.  I could see the tiny village of Seiad Valley getting smaller, likewise the Klamath River, which now both seem insignificant from way up here. I … More August 4 (Day 95)