July 28 (Day 88)

CS1486.9 to Soda Creek Road (1486.9 to 1398.3) Daily miles: 11.4 This has been a few days coming.  I keep telling myself to take a short day, but I never do.  I sweat all through the night, never cooling down and wake up at 5 to start hiking before it gets hot.  Whenever I start … More July 28 (Day 88)

July 27 (Day 87)

CS1463.5 to CS1486.9 (1463.5 to 1486.9) Daily miles: 23.4 There’s nothing that ails the tired, achy, hungry, weary thru-hiker that can’t be remedied by a nice soak in a cold backcountry river while eating a blueberry Clif Bar.

July 26 (Day 86)

Peavine Creek to CS1463.5(1430.3 to 1463.5) Daily miles: 33.3 Didn’t mean to walk all this way today, but there’s no water in these hills, no flat ground to lay my head on, and too many hikers for the limited spots available.  So I hiked until almost 9, and found a sweet little spot on a … More July 26 (Day 86)

July 25 (Day 85)

CS1405.9 To Peavine Creek (1405.9 to 1430.2) Daily miles: 24.3 Tossed and turned all night and thought about going in for an unexpected town stop today and a hotel room, but woke up and decided to push on.  The heat and accumulated dirt are taking over my body, but I’m still good for some miles … More July 25 (Day 85)

July 24 (Day 84)

Subway Cave to CS1405.9 (1375.0 to 1405.9) Daily miles: 30.9 Woke up early, and got to walk a couple hours in the shadow if the ridge.  Mt. Lassen behind me, Mt. Shasta in front and all manner of volcanic rock and hill in between.  Not to mention the scrubby desert plants. Hike up to Hat … More July 24 (Day 84)

July 22 (Day 82)

Carter Creek Trail Junction to Warner Valley CG (1315.5 to 1347.8) Daily miles: 32.3 Well, I passed the halfway point today.  On the way to the milestone I hike through a great quiet forest, and when I step on the sticks and twigs a snap goes out and seems to occupy a space among the … More July 22 (Day 82)

July 21 (Day 81)

Myrtle Flats to Carter Creek Trail Junction (1291.2 to 1315.5) Daily miles: 24.3 Deer ate my shirt last night, or at least chewed a hole in it and took a few buttons with her.  I never leave clothes out overnight, but it was soaked with sweat, and sure enough the crazy doe went for the … More July 21 (Day 81)

July 20 (Day 80)

1265.1 to Myrtle Flat (1265.1 to 1291.2) Daily miles: 26.1 Down to Belden and meet The Brataans, who are famous trail angels.  Let a few hikers stay overnight, but not me because I have the big hill to climb.  Go up and up and get real hot.  Enter Lassen National Forest and stay at a … More July 20 (Day 80)

July 19 (Day 79)

Alder Spring to 1265.1 (1234.4 to 1265.1) Daily miles: 30.7 My second 30 mile day, but the first sunrise to sunset thirty miler.  Last time I did it I hiked until 3:30 in the morning way back in the Mojave, which, I’m not sure that counts.  But today counts, for sure.  12 hours of hiking, … More July 19 (Day 79)