July 21 (Day 81)

Myrtle Flats to Carter Creek Trail Junction (1291.2 to 1315.5)

Daily miles: 24.3

Deer ate my shirt last night, or at least chewed a hole in it and took a few buttons with her.  I never leave clothes out overnight, but it was soaked with sweat, and sure enough the crazy doe went for the salt.  Shoulda known.  So then it’s way way up until the ridge is in front of me and there’s no more uphill, for the moment.  Mt Lassen is getting closer.  It’s the only mountain around these days, and it’s far away, but I still keep tabs on it.  Dragging all day, no water on trail and I have to walk half a mile down to Carter Creek to get something to drink.  Talk at night with Dingo, who’s from CT and thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail last year.  Hide my shirt inside my tent tonight and listen to the deer stamp around and sniff all night long.

Made it out of the valley, looking out to the north and where the trails gonna go

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