JMT 2014 In Order

Day 1: An Arrival Day 2: Up! Day 3: But, This Was Supposed To Be Easy Day 4: A Bear, A Crash, And A Bang-Bang Day 5: The Grey Kingdom Day 6: The Glory of Lyell Canyon Day 7: The First Pass: Donahue Day 8: The Howling Wind Day 9: Desolation Day 10: Salvation Day … More JMT 2014 In Order

The End

August 3rd Mileage: 11.5 (219.1) Lights play on the wall of my tent.  A gentle “pop-pop-pop” has struck up a rhythm and finds a nice beat.  Headlamps and rain.  Its 3 a.m. and all across the campground people are scrambling to cover their packs or bring them under shelter.  I consider just letting my pack … More The End