JMT 2014 In Order

Day 1: An Arrival

Day 2: Up!

Day 3: But, This Was Supposed To Be Easy

Day 4: A Bear, A Crash, And A Bang-Bang

Day 5: The Grey Kingdom

Day 6: The Glory of Lyell Canyon

Day 7: The First Pass: Donahue

Day 8: The Howling Wind

Day 9: Desolation

Day 10: Salvation

Day 11: Silver Pass

Day 12: Thunder At 10,000 Feet

Day 13: Deluge

Day 14: Where There’s Smoke

Day 15: Smoke And Rain: The Travails of Muir Pass

Day 16: The Golden Staircase

Day 17: Double Pass Day

Day 18: The Road To Rae Lakes

Day 19: The End


The Food

One thought on “JMT 2014 In Order

  1. Tommy, I just finished reading your entire blog, starting from the “end” to the “beginning”???–but I was enthralled with every day’s reading! What an incredible journey of courage and determination! These were great pieces of writing and photography! Loved your thoughts and reflections along the way—made it seem “human” and not just factual! I just truly enjoyed reading these blogs. Glad you were kept from harm’s way, met some encouraging friends along the way, and were brought home safely! I’ll try and have some trail mix for you the next time I see you! Wouldn’t want you to forget that memorable food staple that kept you going! 🙂

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