May 28 (Day 27)

Messenger Flats Campground to 451.5 (430.4 to 451.5) Daily miles: 21.1 I’m beginning to worry about the snow in the Sierra, while at the same time becoming nostalgic for parts of the trail I’ve already gone through.  It can be hard to appreciate the daily miles of trail, so I try to focus on that … More May 28 (Day 27)

May 27 (Day 26)

Sulphur Springs Camp to Messenger Flats Camp (407.1 to 430.4) Daily miles: 23.3 Last night was that loud kind of quiet, so I stuck in my earplugs.  Climbed up into a burn and the burn lasted all day.  The heat finally returned and it was so nice to hike and sweat and not feel numb … More May 27 (Day 26)

May 26 (Day 25)

389.2 to Sulphur Springs Camp (389.2 to 407.1) Daily miles: 17.9 The 3rd PCT detour is today, this one because of an endangered mountain frog.  Luckily, it’s only a 4 mile closure and the subsequent detour is right about the same, requiring a 2.5 or so mile road walk and then a hike down a … More May 26 (Day 25)

May 25 (Day 24)

Wrightwood to campsite at 389.2 (369.3 to 389.2) Daily miles: 19.9 Magical clouds thru the Angeles National Forest.  Take a walk down the road, about a mile and a half and score another cinnamon roll as big as my head.  Pack out a massive blueberry muffin and apple fritter. Get a hitch from the old … More May 25 (Day 24)

May 24 (Day 23)

Blue Ridge Campground to Wrightwood (367.3 to 369.3) Daily miles: 2 Nearly a zero day today (aka: nero), and it’s cold walking through the cloud out of camp and to the road, where I’ll hitch into town.  Icicles shine on some of the trees, so I walk quickly and think about the bakery down in … More May 24 (Day 23)

May 23 (Day 22)

342 to 367.3 Daily miles: 25.3 The masses are eating at the various eating spots in town, be it the hotel or the McD’s.  I visit both on my way to the trail.  Then it’s under the highway, over the railroad and past the shack that smells like fire before I get back into the … More May 23 (Day 22)

May 22 (Day 21)

317.9 to Cajon Pass (342) Daily miles: 24.1 When you thru-hike you go to bed dirty and wake up dirty and spend the whole day getting dirtier.  You fall asleep quickly if the moon isn’t too bright.  Try not to drink too much water before you go to bed, because nights are cold and nobody … More May 22 (Day 21)

May 21 (Day 20)

294.7 to 317.9 Daily miles: 23.2 Today is the day of Deep Creek Canyon.  No wind last night, and none in the morning as well (nice!).  I decide to sleep in until 6:30 and take my breakfast (Pop Tart) and coffee in bed while the sun turns the mountains the color of mountains. At first … More May 21 (Day 20)

May 20 (Day 19)

Mile 273 to Bench Camp (273 to 294.7) Daily miles: 21.7 I walk the high road, the wind road, the road past the stoics.  The stoics are the old pines, the ones big enough to live through the burn that destroyed everything else in this valley.  Unencumbered, we are blown through by the wind, and … More May 20 (Day 19)

May 19 (Day 18)

Onyx Summit to campsite at 173 (252.1 to 273) Daily miles: 20.9 Last night was my first night in a bed since I moved out of my apartment weeks ago.  It was also my first real hot shower on the trail so far, so I’m feeling pretty good this morning.  A shuttle takes a bunch … More May 19 (Day 18)