Goat Rocks (August 31)

Lava Springs to 2272.1 (2247.0 to 2272.1) Daily miles: 25.1 Goat Rocks Wilderness today, also known as Prettiest Spot On PCT by many.  Ate huckleberries all the way there, and arrived in time with the clouds.  No sunshine and mountains obscured, but that’s OK, because this is a magical place nonetheless.  Doesn’t feel like America, … More Goat Rocks (August 31)

August 30th (Day…I don’t know anymore)

Trout Lake Creek to Lava Springs (2221.3 to 2247.0) Daily miles: 25.7 Colder days, earlier nights, clouds like you’d expect.  Washington for sure.  Rainier covered in grey, Mt. Adams right above me.  Walking the slopes of another solitary mountain.  Huge glaciers and milky snowmelt streams.  People everywhere and meadows to rule them all.  Tuck myself … More August 30th (Day…I don’t know anymore)

Gifford-Pinchot Forest

Aug. 29th: CS2192.6 to Trout Lake Creek  (2192.6 to 2221.3) Daily miles: 28.7 Walked through the great Pacific Northwest Huckleberry Highway today and got stained teeth to show for it.  Stopped so often to eat the fruit off the bushes that I have no idea how I walked nearly 30 miles.  Natural energy I guess. … More Gifford-Pinchot Forest

Entering Washington

Aug. 27th: Cascade Locks to 2167.0 (2144.6 to 2167.0) Daily miles: 22.4 Aug. 28th: 2167.o to 2192.6  Daily miles: 25.6 I crossed over The Bridge of the Gods, whitecaps rolling across the river and sailboats off in the distance.  The river widens west of the bridge, so that it resembles a lake, and an old … More Entering Washington