Hayduke Day 15

March 25 Why even walk at all if the destination is a town? It’ll be there all day, I think to myself, and maybe I should let the frost melt and dissolve into the sun before I set out. But wait! There are many sweet things in town, and wifi, and hot water! Who can … More Hayduke Day 15

Hayduke Day 14

March 24 In the night I was visited by a smattering of rain that for a wakeful moment I thought would turn torrential, but never did. Later a brief rockslide–or was it a dream? Finally, in the deep early morning, the lonely call of an owl echoing off the canyon walls. And silence, always silence … More Hayduke Day 14

Hayduke Day 13

March 23 Section 4, which begins at Hite (my campground for the night) is a quick one with less than 40 miles to cover until I reach highway 94 to hitch in to Hanksville. I start the day off by engaging in that dangerous Hayduke passtime–cutting corners to shave off miles of road walking. I … More Hayduke Day 13

Hayduke Day 12

March 22 A hitchhike in four parts. But first: Somehow I sleep for over 12 straight hours in my little bed behind the rocks. I must have felt safe and warm back there, knowing snow and wind couldn’t get me. Also, I was exhausted. As Madeleine and I walk to the nearest road I mention … More Hayduke Day 12

Hayduke Day 11

March 21 A little before midnight it began. First, a gust of wind and a few pellets of rain. But that proved to be the first course, as the storm intensified hour by hour. All night long the wind battered me and pushed my frail little tent so hard it nearly leaned sideways. Rain forced … More Hayduke Day 11

Hayduke Day 10

March 20 We hike through the heart of the Salt Creek Alternate in what was surely the best day of the Hayduke so far. The mornings seem to be getting colder and colder, but we’ve also been gaining elevation as we move away from Arches. The geography in south Salt Creek has a true valley … More Hayduke Day 10

Hayduke Day 9

March 19 Today was noteworthy because it’s the first time I’ve ever hiked all day with someone who isn’t related to me. One of the goals I’ve set for myself for the year is to make an effort to have positive meaningful interactions with other humans in a wilderness setting. Theres something about the wilderness … More Hayduke Day 9

Hayduke Day 8

March 18 Fiddling about is a fine way to pass the time, and that’s exactly what I plan to do. As I break camp I must have touched each thing at least twice–creating piles, moving the piles about, packing the piles, unpacking the piles. By the time all is put away the ground around my … More Hayduke Day 8

Hayduke Day 7

March 17 All night and all day the planes pass overhead, silently. East to west, east to west, always to the coast. As if the Pacific holds something dear and secret and covetous. I wonder what those people who look out their window think when they see this vast red deserted expanse spread out below … More Hayduke Day 7

Hayduke Day 6

March 16 My morning perch allows me to see Canyonlands come to life in the morning. All the cantilevered platforms and mesas of the earth have their own surface characteristics–tilt, shape, size–and each casts it’s own unique shadow so that the earth becomes a bouquet of textures. Have you ever wondered how many things have … More Hayduke Day 6