JMT 2014

Day 1: An Arrival
Day 2: Up!
Day 3: But, This Was Supposed To Be Easy
Day 4: A Bear, A Crash, And A Bang-Bang
Day 5: The Grey Kingdom
Day 6: The Glory of Lyell Canyon
Day 7: The First Pass: Donahue
Day 8: The Howling Wind
Day 9: Desolation
Day 10: Salvation
Day 11: Silver Pass
Day 12: Thunder At 10,000 Feet
Day 13: Deluge
Day 14: Where There’s Smoke
Day 15: Smoke And Rain: The Travails of Muir Pass
Day 16: The Golden Staircase
Day 17: Double Pass Day
Day 18: The Road To Rae Lakes
Day 19: The End


The Food