Gifford-Pinchot Forest

Aug. 29th: CS2192.6 to Trout Lake Creek  (2192.6 to 2221.3)

Daily miles: 28.7

Walked through the great Pacific Northwest Huckleberry Highway today and got stained teeth to show for it.  Stopped so often to eat the fruit off the bushes that I have no idea how I walked nearly 30 miles.  Natural energy I guess.  I got a few good glimpses of Mt. Adams, including one from a lonely forest service road at dusk that made me feel like I was in some rural forgotten place.  Quiet roads in the woods will do that, and this particular one leads nowhere at all.

Some road to nowhere in the middle of the forest

One thought on “Gifford-Pinchot Forest

  1. Re: “natural energy” from huckleberries…..hard to believe energy can be provided by something other than ice cream, cinnamon rolls, root beer floats, & peanut m&m’s, isn’t it?
    Great job on the trip, & sharing your journey w the rest of us. Thank you!

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