May 26 (Day 25)

389.2 to Sulphur Springs Camp (389.2 to 407.1)

Daily miles: 17.9

The 3rd PCT detour is today, this one because of an endangered mountain frog.  Luckily, it’s only a 4 mile closure and the subsequent detour is right about the same, requiring a 2.5 or so mile road walk and then a hike down a well maintained hiking trail.

I decide to go slow today and I daydream while I walk along the road.  Mostly I think of all the different hiking trails and wonder what it would be like to hike all of them.  A man driving a truck with a snow plow drives slowly past and we wave to each other.  I think he’s clearing rock debris from the road pull-offs.

Soon I’m in a car camping area and there’s people grilling, and pit toilets, and water spigots.  Noone offers me any food, but that’s alright because I packed plenty for this section.

I sit on a ledge and let my feet dangle.  I sit by a stream and let my feet soak.  I sit in the dirt and cross my legs.  My feet feel good, as do my legs.

The last few miles are easy walking and I cruise into the nice campsite by 6:30.  The views are wide open and I watch the sun go down.  I realize too late that the area has picnic tables, and I ate on a rock in the dirt.  You never pass up a chance to eat at a picnic table!  I’m so upset with myself as I slap mosquitos off my legs.

The birds chirp and tiny indistinguishable things flow through the air and look to glow in the late evening light.  The sun goes down in the west, off to my right, over a small ridge lined with trees.  A small grove of pines has taken root in the rocky desert sand and sunbeams shoot across their needles.  The wind is calm.  The world is quiet, and I can hear my heart beat slowly, rhythmically.




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