May 24 (Day 23)

Blue Ridge Campground to Wrightwood (367.3 to 369.3)

Daily miles: 2

Nearly a zero day today (aka: nero), and it’s cold walking through the cloud out of camp and to the road, where I’ll hitch into town.  Icicles shine on some of the trees, so I walk quickly and think about the bakery down in civilization.  I get offered a ride as soon as I step up to the highway from a guy who injured himself and had to get off the PCT.  He’s in Wrightwood for the day and is ferrying hikers the 5 miles from trail to town.

Presente and I eat giant cinnamon rolls and coffee and she heads next door to pick up her resupply box.  She’s packed too much, so I take some of her extra.  The best way to resupply is to hang around other hikers when they sort through their resupply boxes.  She takes off to head back to the trail and I head to the home of a local guy who hosts hikers for the night at his place.  It’s rowdy and a few hikers get drunk and the lights are on way past hiker midnight so I don’t get the restful evening and night I hope for. 

Atonement: I eat over a pound  of raw green beans, a tomato, an avocado, a head of fresh bright green lettuce, lean turkey, brown rice with lentils, and organic energy bars.  That’s enough healthy food to last at least to the Sierra!  The dogs out back are jumping and pawing and begging to be played with, and so I oblidge.  Thru-hiking can be real tough sometimes.



One thought on “May 24 (Day 23)

  1. The family is gathered in WP and it sounds like you are enjoying yourself more than any travails you might be encountering so I guess we will stop feeling sorry for you!👍😀 Hike on!

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