July 22 (Day 82)

Carter Creek Trail Junction to Warner Valley CG (1315.5 to 1347.8)

Daily miles: 32.3

Well, I passed the halfway point today.  On the way to the milestone I hike through a great quiet forest, and when I step on the sticks and twigs a snap goes out and seems to occupy a space among the trees.  I hike another 30+ mile day and book it to Drakesbad Guest Ranch to pick up some food.  I also saw my first bear of the trip, and I whistled at him to get his attention.  He got spooked and climbed halfway up a tree before curiosity got the best of him and he climbed down to get a better look at me. Life these days is all hunger and fatigue, but I’m loving it all anyway.

Halfway to Canada

Gotta get up…hah!

Can you see the bear?


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