July 25 (Day 85)

CS1405.9 To Peavine Creek (1405.9 to 1430.2)

Daily miles: 24.3

Tossed and turned all night and thought about going in for an unexpected town stop today and a hotel room, but woke up and decided to push on.  The heat and accumulated dirt are taking over my body, but I’m still good for some miles today.

And it’s hot again this morning as I push through another rough stretch to make Burney Falls State Park by lunch.  People and cars everywhere and the thru-hikers crammed in the corner where we toss our dirty mats on the ground and some of us sleep while all the clean people walk by and wonder what’s going on with all the homeless people in the park.

I resupply, have an ice cream (just one!), plenty of dried fruit and a bag of cookies and decide to brave the day.  When people talk about the challenge of North California and why so many people quit up here, this is why.  It’s mundane and hot and tiring, for sure.  But I’m not giving in, just think about a cool bed and a warm dinner.  Then there’s this miraculous place called Rock Creek which happens to be a nice cold stream full of deep pools perfect for bathing.  I submerge my whole body and wash out the dirt and grime as best I can from my hiking shirt.  As I air-dry next to the water I drink down a liter and think about the tourists, who will never see this place.  Refreshed, rehydrated, rejovenated, I begin the climb up to 5000 feet and cooler air.

Stifling heat

The trail cuts into one of those wonderful deep forests, and I laugh at the sun through the heavy canopy above.  It’s lost its power over me, at least for now, and I’m grateful for the break.  The heat’s been wearing on me.

Something of a respite

I camp next to water on a flat mosquitoed spot, listen to music, and turn in early.

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