August 4 (Day 95)

CS1655.9 to CS1681.9 (1655.9 to 1681.9)

Daily miles: 26

Today is my last full day in California, and I finished up the last big climb before my mid morning snack.  I could see the tiny village of Seiad Valley getting smaller, likewise the Klamath River, which now both seem insignificant from way up here.

Hills, town, river

I catch a liter of water from Lookout Spring, barely a trickle so that it takes a couple minutes to fill my bag.  I hike into a new big basin, walk it’s ridges, and then leave for another section of mountain.

The clouds came out today.  Not rain clouds, and not overcast clouds that block the sky, but nice small puffy ones that obstruct the sun and keep me cool as I walk up and around this wilderness.  By evening they’ve cleared out and I’m walking on a big bald with open views to the east and west.  It’s almost quitting time, so I walk along the edge of the field where trees meet open grass and rocks and sky.  I find a sheltered spot, off trail, unofficial.  It’s my own little secret spot with a perfect view of hazy old Mt. Shasta, that perfectly reliable vantage point.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ll be able to see Shasta from Canada.  

Tent on the ridge, can you see Shasta?

One thought on “August 4 (Day 95)

  1. Love those new ruby red slippers! They’re probably not so new at this point with this post, however. It’s amazing how you go through shoes, but I can sure see how–with all the miles you’re covering! When you mentioned ‘dodging forest fires’, I had certainly been wondering if you were any where close to these! As always, your photos are incredible, along with your perseverance and determination! Here’s a quote for you on one of those “difficult hiking days”—“The moment you think about giving up, think of the reason why you held on for so long.” ~ by ? Happy hiking!!:)

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