August 3 (Day 94)

Buckhorn Spring to CS1655.9 (1632.0 to 1655.9) Daily miles: 23.9  Up on this high plateau, next to the triple-trunk mossy tree, by the spring that’s barely-running on the hillside, the nights stay cool.  A doe might wander through the camp at night, but the sleepers stay asleep because they’re tired and the air is neither … More August 3 (Day 94)

August 2 (Day 93)

Little Cub Spring to Buckhorn Spring (1604.7 to 1632.0) Daily miles: 27.3 A top 10 day for scenery and a top 5 day for physical challenge.  Just view after view and ranges as far as I could see.  I passed a trail register and signed it: “NorCal is the best Cal.” I stand by that. … More August 2 (Day 93)

August 1 (Day 92)

South Fork Scott River to Little Cub Spring (1576.5 to 1604.7) Daily miles: 28.2 The creek kept the air nice and cool all night long and when I woke and walked down to it, it was still there.  Little terraces full of water cascading down and the stream-plants spread out over the tumble, fanning the … More August 1 (Day 92)

July 31 (Day 91)

CS1548.2 to South Fork Scott River (1548.2 to 1576.5) Daily miles: 28.3 Cup of Earl Grey tea and blueberry scones straight away this morning.  Sunlight coming through the early morning trees and the far away mountains looking orange in the dawn hours.  Hit some nice ridges and saddles before I’ve even been walking for 10 … More July 31 (Day 91)

July 30 (Day 90)

CS1517.4 to CS1548.2 (1517.4 to 1548.2) Daily miles: 30.8 Air cooled, Shasta still in a haze, easy walking and pass up Porcupine Lake and Toad Lake.  Don’t need liter after liter to keep up with my body today.  Enter basin after basin and book it to Dead Falls Lake.  Go for a swim, a nice … More July 30 (Day 90)

July 29 (Day 89)

Dunsmuir to CS1517.4 (1499.2 to 1517.4) + 1.3 miles on Kettlebelly Trail Daily miles: 19.5 Woke up and realized I could catch an Amtrak train next door and be gone and hiking somewhere else in a couple days. I could fly to Colorado and hike the Colorado Trail, or go up to Glacier National Park, … More July 29 (Day 89)