August 2 (Day 93)

Little Cub Spring to Buckhorn Spring (1604.7 to 1632.0)

Daily miles: 27.3

A top 10 day for scenery and a top 5 day for physical challenge.  Just view after view and ranges as far as I could see.  I passed a trail register and signed it: “NorCal is the best Cal.” I stand by that.

Marble Mountain Wilderness

I’m running on fumes as far as my food situaton goes, but I have enough to get by.  Tomorrow I go in to the town of Seiad Valley for a resupply, and some ice cream.  As the day grows long I find myself coasting along a ridge, striding long and making the most of the early evening light that shines right into my eyes and makes my skin burn.  A bird idles above me, then finds a draft and swoops off.  Chipmunks scrurry when they hear me walking by.  My feet churn the earth, rhymically, taking me along my way.  For the first time in a couple weeks, my shirt-tail isn’t soaked through with sweat.  I’d forgotten how nice it could be to hike through the afternoon hours and cruise into the night, but that’s what I’ll do today.  Rejoice.

Found a hidden little lake way up here

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