May 13 (Day 12)

Zero Day

Idyllwild is a resorty touristy place with friendly people.  I do my laundry and the lady who owns the place gives me free detergent and some loaner clothes to wear while I wash my dirty ones so I don’t scandalized the townsfolk.  Coffee house, library, pharmacy for an Ace bandage (foot’s swollen and hurtin’), grocery for some veggies and avocados and a stick of pepperoni (plenty of sugary nonsense as well).  Ate some BBQ on a salad for dinner.  Ran into Jay at the market.  Jay’s a friendly guy who looks half his age and started at the southern terminus with me.  He’s a day behind, but hitched in to get a bed for the night.  Not sure what to with myself this evening, but I hope my foot’s appreciative of the R&R I’m giving it.  I’ve got ants crawling all over me so I guess I better hop into my tent and listen to podcasts.

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