May 17 (Day 16)

Trail closure back to Ziggy & the Bear’s (235.5 to 236.5 back to 210.8)

Daily miles: 26.7

A marathon hiking day.  Walked everything is reverse so that it seemed like a different trail.  Another rattlesnake was waiting to greet me near Mission Creek, but this one gave me a warning well before I almost stepped on it.  It also was considerably more aggressive and didn’t want to cede the path so I started throwing rocks at it and it rattled away into the brush on the side of the trail.  Thunderstorms grew and made the sky rain and then the rain stopped.  Blue sky came out by the time I reached the house for the night, but it was too late to dry my shoes and socks. Wet feet for me in the morning.  I ate dinner and then a snickers bar, bag of peanut M&Ms, and a jar of nutella. I drank a cup of hot chocolate, washed my dirty feet and called it a day.




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