May 29 (Day 28)

Campsite at 451.5 to Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce (451.5 to 454.5)

Daily miles: 3

Dew overnight, dry grass seeds stuck to everything in the morning, pack that weighs almost nothing.  No more water, no more food.  Only a couple early morning miles to town and resupply.  Stay with The Saufly’s, who are trail angels of the highest order and PCT legends.  Blueberry pancakes at a cafe where the servers as scrambling to take care of everyone.  Poor servers.  Buy a sandwich for dinner and let it sit on my sleeping bag all day until the oil and vinegar dressing soaks through and makes my sleeping bag smell like a delicious Italian sub, which is sure to torment both me and bears in the days and weeks to come (you’re not a thru-hiker until your stuff smells like a dirty old sandwich).  Spend the evening listening to drunk hikers try to play guitar and sing.  Break my headphones and lie in torment because I just put new tunes on my phone.  Eat great quantities of Snickers bars. 

I’m entering the final SoCal section, and the desert saves the hottest, driest, longest section for last before giving up the ghost and relenting to the Sierras.

Campsite in Vazquez Rocks
Vazquez Rocks in the early morning mist
The incomparable Saufleys

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