June 4 (Day 34)


Daily miles: 0

Planned camp so that I only had to hike maybe a third of a mile to the road, so we’ll call it a zero.  Wait for over an hour to get a hitch, but finally a ride arrives.  He talks about the seasons, the mining, the town of Tehachapi.  I ask him if he likes desert life, and he says it has its benefits.  I get my shopping done first thing, and check in to my room at 11.  I venture out again at 5 to visit the bakery, and it’s hot.  The locals and the TV people speak of this as a heat wave, which is comforting to me because I just thought it was this hot all the time here.  The big heat will end soon, and I’ll be able to do more hiking during normal hours.  The Cardinals are on national TV, so I get to watch them play as I devour sugary confections one after the other.  I make plans to sleep 12 hours tonight to try and catch up on all I’ve been missing. 

2 thoughts on “June 4 (Day 34)

  1. Hope you got to see all those home runs the cardinals hit.😊😊. Really enjoy and appreciate all your entries. It’s amazing how man will rise up to such huge challenges, knowing the suffering it will entail. I admire you for it. Most of all I want your journey to end in good judgement ensuring your health and safety. With each mile you have exceeded what few can do.

  2. The desert heat sounds challenging! Glad that you were able to make day 34 a light hiking day! Hope you’re able to get enough fluids on these hot days! Sounds like you had it made, watching the Cardinals, with all of your sugary treats close at hand! 🙂 I noticed that the Cardinals and the KC Royals are both in third place in their respective leagues. Both have a 30-28 record right now. ~ Happy Trail Days! ( sure love your posts!)

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