June 10 (Day 40)

Walker Pass CG to CS672.8(651.3 to 672.8)

Daily miles: 21.5

Intro To The Sierra.  Leave behind Walker Pass and the late-sleepers.  Feel the buzz of caffeine and processed sugar, which make my legs twitch and move and go fast.  Start walking up and see the road below grow smaller.  Get passed by a trail runner.  1500 feet up, and the views are stunning.  Pleasant, fine hiking weather.  See rock formations that remind me of the Sierra.



Day grows humid and sky turns white-grey, like summer in the midwest.  No water for 19 miles and then find it at a buggy crease in the side of the mountain, flowing at a liter a minute.  Eat a bar and sit and look out at everything.  Rocket up 1500 feet again and get soaked with sweat.  Up top I find a nice ridge to walk on and have a fantastic view.  One of the best so far.  Camp is on a saddle and I enjoy the peace and quiet of a mountain night.  Words fail me today; such beauty.


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