June 7 (Day 37)

CS592.9 to Landers Meadow Camp (592.9 to 608.9)

Daily miles: 16

I find myself in the middle of a long section, the end not yet in sight and already the comforts of Tehachapi fading.  Metal exhaustion.  Muscle fibers pulled and stretched and torn.  Everything mended in time. 

Pass deer on the trail, follow a mother bird with her chicks.

25, 18, 42, 20: the lengths (in miles) of waterless stretches I’ll hike through before I find rest and resupply in Kennedy Meadows.  The windfarms fan out until I wonder if I’ll ever leave the machines behind for good.  They say that the worst days on the PCT are better than the best days spent in “the real world,” well, I aim to test that claim out.

“Sure,” I say outloud, “I’ll believe it.”

Walk on…




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