June 19 (Day 49)

CS 786.1 to Independence (786.1 to 788.5 + 7.2 miles over Kearsarge Pass to Onion Valley TH via Bullfrog Lake Junction)

Daily miles: 9.6

Resupply day and I’m off early to get to the town of Independence.  It’s a complicated route that involves walking over 7 miles and covering an off-PCT pass called Kearsarge, then getting a hitch 15 miles into town.  So even though I only hike a couple miles on the PCT today, it’s early afternoon before I arrive.

But that OK, because this is a beautiful route that actually probably shouldn’t be missed if you’re hiking the PCT.  I walked this path a couple years ago when I bailed out on the JMT because of the big rain and hail storm, so I get to see the terrain I missed a couple years ago. 




At trail’s end there’s a parking lot but no cars are leaving yet and all the thru-hikers are queued up in a line waiting for a hitch.  After 45 minutes a guy in a pickup comes along and we all pile into the bed of his truck and make our way down the long winding mountain road, wind in our hair.  I find a hotel in town, collapse on the bed, and watch game 7 of the NBA championships while eating Subway sandwiches and bags of cookies.

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