July 6 (Day 66)

​Sardine Creek to CS1027.8 (1016.3 to 1027.8)

Daily miles: 11.5

Didn’t start hiking until noon today because I had to run and do a quick resupply at North Kennedy Meadows, which is a wilderness lodge of sorts.  This wasn’t a planned stop, but I’m going slow and need more food.  Unfortunately the place is 10 miles off trail down a steep winding road and not a car wanted to stop and pick me up.  So it took four hours to get back to trail and by the time I started I didn’t really feel like doing many miles.  Plus, I ate 4 ice creams and a bag of chips for “lunch” at the lodge and this was not sitting well at all.

I wave goodbye to Sonora Pass soon after starting my walk for the day, steep snow chutes and all.

The panorama of Sonora Pass

Round a bend and there’s more snow covering the trail, boulder fields, and a new valley to look down on.

New valley to the north

The afternoon was frustrating: I spent more time trying to find the trail than actually walking on it.  Otherwise it was slipping and tripping over steep water covered boulders and trying not hurt myself, walking through talus fields and trying not to roll an ankle, and postholing through soft snow and trying not to mash my shin against a rock below.  Plus, my stomach is having none of what I gave it today and has decided to shut down completely and stage a revolt (and honestly, I can’t believe it’s taken this long).

Oh well.  I just take it slow and eventually make it through and into another perfect old forest which almost takes my mind off my stomachache.

The forest after the snow and boulders

I lay on a rock, looking up through the branches and munch on some Rolaids.  Of course, I’ve now convinced myself I have giardia.

So I roll into camp, and try to eat real food.  I have half a curry meal with half a tortilla and some sesame sticks.  It’s probably my lowest calorie dinner on trail and I’m just not feeling it.  I’m making a resolution to not eat pounds of garbage food every time I come into a resupply, but I’m afraid my resolve is sorely lacking in the food department.  I go to sleep listening to Harry Potter and his pals having a feast, so I just roll over, turn off the story and try to will morning to come on.

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