July 9 (Day 69)

CS1053.2 to CS1069.7 (1053.2 to 1069.7)

Daily miles: 16.5

All night long the winds rushed about, each gust seeming like it’s own individual entity, chasing each other like children at a game of tag.  The trees creaked and whirred, but held fast.  As did I, firmly fixed on my little air mattress trying to get some sleep.  The trend continued into day as I walked through forest and ridge, meadow and creekbed.  Each area perfumed by the sweet and honeyed smell of wildflowers in bloom.

Looking south

A few times I was almost literally blown off the side of a mountain and had to brace my weight against my trekking poles to keep upright.  I’m reminded of the wind of southern California.

Here’s a weird panoramic photo I took. The mountain doesn’t really warp down like it looks in the pic

No shelter could be found, no safe harbor.  Bone chilling wind as I push up over 9000 feet.  Wind now surpassing any wind I’ve hiked in, leaning nearly sideways in order to keep walking.  I pitch my tent in the first site I see with trees and hope it holds fast.  I eat quickly and decide to spend the rest if the evening indoors, so to speak, warming up and enjoying not having my body tossed around like a ragdoll.  Wind can only last so long…

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