July 11+12(Days 71 & 72)

CS1087.2 to Echo Lake Resort (1087.2 to 1092.3) & a zero day in Tahoe

Daily miles: 5.1

I meet Rex today, and we’re going in to Tahoe for a day off tomorrow.  My guide says Echo Lake is the end of the Sierra, so when I get back on trail it’s off to northern California.  I had no rain through the entire section, although it did rain hard on one of my two off days, so I got lucky.  Never saw a bear, but did see plenty of marmots.  My feet were wet more often than they were dry; I got used to it.  The best pass was Muir Pass for all the snow and rugged remote beauty, and then worst was Pinchot Pass, because I didnt like it and had no energy. Yosemite was nuts with people, and I skipped going in to the valley since I’ve been there and done that.  The top three campsites (tie): Squaw Lake, just north of Silver Pass; Marjorie Lake, just north of Pinchot Pass; the legendary Marie Lake, just north of Selden Pass.  Marie Lake was also my favorite spot when I hiked the JMT.  Very special place.

Tahoe is a special place too though, albeit touristy.  Great food, and an even greater environment.  Alpine lakes are unique places, what with the beach-like setting with mountains and pines/firs everywhere you look.  The beaches are even sandy.

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