Hayduke Day 3

March 13

All night long the rain fell, and the creekside camping site turned into a riotous affair. The stream churned a chocolate brown and far above a waterfall opened on the lichen stained cliff wall.

Melanie and I attempted to continue our route, trying the exit Courthouse Wash just near where it meets the Colorado River, but the river braided it’s way from one side of the canyon wall to the other, requiring countless crossing of the flooded river. We decided to turn around and hitchhike back to the car from inside Arches, but it would prove to be a test of endurance and patience. We stopped just short of doing the breaststroke to get out.

In one of the more bizarre coincidences I’ve ever witnessed, the guy who gave us a ride was not only also from St. Louis, but also happened to be an acquaintance of Melanie’s. We were enormously grateful for him letting us soak the inside of his car with our dripping bodies.

Soon Melanie and I parted ways, she back to Denver and I to Moab where I’ll rest in the local hostel before picking up where I left off in the morning.

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