I’m In Merced


And it only took all day.  I also lost my stylus,  so unless it pops up all my posts will be very brief because composing on phone is really hard to do with my finger.  I make lots of typos and it’s not worth the time.   I keep a decent and detailed notebook though. So eventually that will be put up on this site,  but probably not until I get home.   Im kind of bummed about that,  because writing is fun to do in real time.   But the instagram should be pretty good and hopefully I can get a lot of really nice photos up.  Yosemite tomorrow! 


One thought on “I’m In Merced

  1. Hey Tommy—Hope all is going well and that the weather is cooperating for you. Richard and I thought of you when we were taking our “short” hike on one of the trails in Park City, Utah a couple of weeks ago. It’s great that you are pursuing one of your dreams! Our very best to you in the days to come!!

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