The Howling Wind

July 23rd Mileage: 2.6 (74.5) I’ve decided to forego the 15 mile day and save the hike into Red’s Meadow Resort until tomorrow, which means today is a very short day.  I feel alright about taking a nero; my body needs to do some healing. Short days mean trying to sleep in, and I succeed … More The Howling Wind

The Grey Kingdom

July 20th Miles: 10.9 (46.6) For the second night in a row, I camp at the junction to Cloud’s Rest.  Again, I fall asleep to the shrieks of “Bear!  Go on!  Get, bear!” but it doesn’t revisit my campsite.  When I wake everything is damp.  A brief early morning rain fell and now mist is … More The Grey Kingdom


July 17 Miles: 9.5 Today is the first real day of backpacking and I lurch-hike under the weight of my pack.  “Goodbye lawyer couple!” I think as I leave their sleeping tent.  “Good luck!” and I don’t even mean it sarcastically.  I have to find a way to get to the Pohono Trail, which is … More Up!

An Arrival

July 16th I wake early, 5:45, in a stuffy hotel room.  I’m in the central California valley, Steinbeck’s country, and I blink in the early morning light.  The place smells like smoke, but it was my only lodging option and was had for a steep price.  Tourist season is in full swing, and the folks … More An Arrival