Day 4

Laguna Campground to tent site at mile 61.5 (14 miles + .7 miles off PCT)

The wind wishes to say hello.

Have you met him?

 He’s a stark and pale gentleman and sometimes you’d think he’s invisible if it weren’t for the thin white wisps of hair that streak back across the bald dome of his head.  The wind whispers hello, and you think nothing of it until he gets closer and says hello again, not louder but with a certain undeniable intensity.

“Hello, wind,” you’ll say.  Wind will smile and nod and look at you as he rests his small chin on his shallow chest.  He might quiet down for a bit now.

“Hello,” says the wind again.  He’s circling you and looking odd and you decide it’s best to ignore him and keep walking.  Wind is upset, glares, and gets right next to you.

Wind blows in your ear, smiles, and walks away. All is quiet for a brief moment.  Then you shout and yell and throw down your trekking poles and shiver and fidget with every piece of gear you own.  You stop and stare and breathe heavily and tell yourself that it’s nothing but a pale old man who will soon go away.

Wind smiles and nods and keeps walking right alongside you.

“Hello,” says the wind.




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