Day 5

Campsite at 61.5 to Scissor’s Crossing (PCT mile 77.3)

Daily miles: 15.8

The tent shook and rocked and flapped like a thing possessed until the early morning.  But held.  At some point wind smiled, rested his small chin on his shallow chest, and left.  Wind never says goodbye.

By morning rain had taken up, and it made me smell like wetdog.  Soon my hands and face were numb, but it was good fortune because the trail on this stretch is normally hot and dry.  All morning the rain kept on, until I reached Rodriguez Spur, which had the last water for 32 miles.  I filled up to max capacity (6 liters) and took off.  Then, the rain ended and I had lunch on some rocks that looked out on the Anza Borrego desert.  I set my tent out to dry and considered my resting place for the night.  By mid afternoon I was on the desert floor, but the rain had cooled everything down, so no worries about dehydration.

I slept at night under an overpass, which only kind of smelled like urine.  Had nice conversation and tried to stay warm from all the wind blowing down off from the mountains.  Fell asleep listening to cars rumbling above me.


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