May 10 (Day 9)

Trail Angel Mike’s to Boulder Field Site (miles 127.3 to 144)

Daily miles: 16.7

Way up there’s the ridge and you were just on the ridge half an hour ago.  Human are moving up there, little dots.  Sometimes they look to go invisible.  I hear their voices loud and bright but can’t make out what they’re saying because it’s just too far away.  The bodies go into a fold on the side of the mountain and disappear and their voices are muffled.  The bodies go but the voices still carry out.

The day is ohsohot already and I’m carrying 6 liters to get me through the next 23 waterless miles.  I walk through Tule Canyon which is where all the leftover rock scraps went after the mountains were created.  All the little lizards dart under their nooks as the bipeds walk past.

By afternoon I’m pretty beat up from the heat and find a nice boulder field to camp in.  The site fills up and I sit on a rock and look into the valley as the sun goes down while I eat my peanut M&Ms.


Cactus flowers
Camp for the night

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