May 9 (Day 8)

Warner Springs to Trail Angel Mike’s (mile 109.5 to 127.3)

Daily miles: 17.8

Last night looked like hobo city in the field of the city park.  There must have been 30 tents spread out.  We would be a sight to behold if this wasn’t an annual occurrence around these parts.

I walk to the post office to pick up my first resupply package and get lost on a jeep road.  Despite leaving early to beat the crowds, my unintentional detour cost me 30 minutes and by the time I arrive I’m last in line behind everyone else sending and receiving all manner of things and food.

On the way out into the mountains the trail crosses Agua Caliente Creek half a dozen times so I walk easy and don’t carry any water. At lunch I sit on a boulder in the middle of the water until my feet go numb.

The mountains bake in the afternoon, and all the hikers bake with them.  Hottest stretch of the trail so far.  At mile 127 there’s Trail Angel Mike’s place which is obviously where everyone is headed.  He’s got a huge water tank, and a brick oven that’s firing out homemade pizzas.  Soon there’s a campfire going and music is blaring out into the desert night.  Everyone’s drinking Tecate but I stick with my lemon lime electrolight drink which is tasting extra salty today.  Frank Sinatra is playing as I fall asleep and by the time Dark Side of the Moon comes on I’m dreaming rattlesnake dreams.


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