May 8 (Day 7)

Barrel Springs to Warner Springs Community Center (Mile 101.1 to 109.5)

Daily miles: 8.4

Sleep gets better and easier each night.  By morning most of the previous day’s pain is gone and I take my time packing things away this morning since I only have a short day today.

I walk through brown rolling hills like prairieland.  Eagle Rock is somewhere out here and shortly I arrive at the pile of stones that look like an eagle with wings outstretched.  I’m here on a Sunday, but I’m early enough to avoid the weekend day-hikers.

At Warner Springs I take a bucket shower, and it feels great.  I wash clothes and sit on the front porch eating an ice cream bar.  There’s wireless Internet and electric outlets everywhere so all the hikers are busy tapping away or talking on their phones.  At sunset I walk the local high school football field and listen to some new music and lay on the 20 yard line to watch the sun go down.

Rolling hills
Warner Springs tentsite
Sunset at the football field

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