June 22 (Day 52)

Lake Marjorie to Grouse Meadow (808.6 to 828.3)

Daily miles: 19.7

So the Sierra took all my energy and time and words, so I’m just going to post pictures for the rest of this section.  I spend my days walking endessly, taking only a few breaks and crossing snow and mountains, and I’m tired.  In a few months time I might come back and fill in the gap with narrative, but for now the pictures will speak for themselves.

Here's the green valley between Pinchot and Mather passes. Lots of raging streams and mosquitos this morning
Looking south, into the valley and way back towards Pinchot pass.
Coming down off Mather, which is the notch on the right side of the range
Southbound view from Mather Pass


My campsite for the night, Grouse Meadows

2 thoughts on “June 22 (Day 52)

    1. I’m happy you’re following along! Grouse Meadows is part of a stunning 10 to 15 mile stretch of trail. I plan on revisiting the area a few more times in my hiking days…

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