June 23 (Day 53)

Grouse Meadow to CS846 (828.3 to 846)

Daily miles: 17.7

Today is up and over Muir Pass, which turned out to be the snowiest of them all, but my favorite.  Go figure, because the last time I hiked through the Sierra Muir Pass was my least favorite.  Near the top of the pass I was all alone without a hiker in sight, and the wind was calm and the earth was completely quiet.  I couldn’t see any trail because the snow took it all and I felt like John Muir up there.

Le Conte Canyon remains a top 5 destination for me, below the snow south of Muir Pass
Getting higher and snowier
Frozen lakes and snow, the trail formed snow bridges over waterfalls and raging streams.
The final pitch and the stone hut, dedicated to John Muir
The trail lining the frozen lake
North of Muir Pass the snow receded. This is Evolution Lake, complete with sunbeam.
Evolution Lake, again

One thought on “June 23 (Day 53)

  1. Your pictures are truly ethereal! Thank you for sharing them with us, especially considering the weariness you must feel many days!

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