June 24 (Day 54)

CS846 to Marie Lake (846 to 866.5)

Daily miles: 20.5

Walk through flooded Evolution Valley, mosquitos want my blood.  Trying to take care of my body, which is hungry and tired and bleeding from where I postholed through the snow and mashed my shin against a boulder (it’s fine, promise).  Ford the formidable Evolution Creek and set my sights on Selden Pass.  Talk to my friends Killer and Sunny.  Make the pass during evening, sun low on the Seven Gables and shimmering off Marie Lake.

Hermit Mountain and meadows
Evolution Creek, which was a breeze to ford. Mid thigh to waist deep depending on where you cross
Sallie Keyes Lake, looking south
The view north, on top of Sallie Keyes Lake. Marie Lake with the Seven Gables in the background
Camp for the night, at Marie Lake

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