June 17 (Day 47)

Whitney summit day (no PCT miles, 14.2 miles out and back on a side trail) Daily miles: 14.2 Dreamed there were two mountains.  One real, the other not.  Both had the same name, which was Whitney.  Each had the same slopes, creases, rivers and lakes, gravel pits and mud holes.  In every way, they were … More June 17 (Day 47)

June 16 (Day 46)

Chicken Spring Lake to Crabtree Meadows Ranger Station CG (750.8 to 766.9 + .6 miles to CG) Daily miles: 16.1 At 4:30 in the morning a gust of wind came and smashed my tent like it was some little playtoy.  I crawl outside and try to get everything in order again and somehow manage to … More June 16 (Day 46)

June 15 (Day 45)

CS732.2 to Chicken Spring Lake (732.2 to 750.8) Daily miles: 18.6 The transition is complete.  I’m fully in the Sierra now.  Remarkable how moving my feet has carried me from one place to another.  First the desert, and now, the mountains.  Somehow it doesn’t seem real.  There was no car or plane or boat, just … More June 15 (Day 45)

June 14 (Day 44)

Manache Meadow/Kern River to CS732.2 (716.5 to 732.2) Daily miles: 15.7 Leave behind the sparrows swooping through sunbeams in the early morning air and begin the 3000 foot climb.  Enter, like a stranger, this new land.  Walk slowly and gather water when I cross a stream.  Gasp and pant and struggle and stop at least … More June 14 (Day 44)

June 13 (Day 43)

Kennedy Meadows General Store to Kern River/Menache Meadow (702.2 to 716.5 + .6 miles back to trail) Daily miles: 14.9 miles I estimate over 100 hikers stayed behind the general store last night, so I tried to get out early in the morning.  Lots of people choosing to take zero days here. All of my … More June 13 (Day 43)

June 12 (Day 42)

CS696.9 to General Store in Kennedy Meadows (696.9 to 702.2 + .6 mile road walk) Daily miles: 5.9 Last night it rained.  Not for long, and not very hard, but it was the first night rain of the trip and my tent was wet in the morning.  I hiked out late, 8:30, because I won’t … More June 12 (Day 42)

June 11 (Day 41)

CS672.8 to CS696.9 (672.8 to 696.9) Daily miles: 24.1 Today was the last full day in the “desert section.”  I will miss it dearly. I’ve never enjoyed hiking as much as I have the past few weeks.  I’ve loved the sunrise and sunset.  The cacti in bloom with their pink or orange or purple or … More June 11 (Day 41)

June 10 (Day 40)

Walker Pass CG to CS672.8(651.3 to 672.8) Daily miles: 21.5 Intro To The Sierra.  Leave behind Walker Pass and the late-sleepers.  Feel the buzz of caffeine and processed sugar, which make my legs twitch and move and go fast.  Start walking up and see the road below grow smaller.  Get passed by a trail runner.  … More June 10 (Day 40)

June 9 (Day 39)

Bird Spring Pass to Walker Pass CG (630.8 to 651.3) Daily miles: 20.5 The dehydration roadshow continues, but I’m given a short reprieve in the morning hours.  All night long the wind blew, and sand gathered in my hair and around my things which I had carefully arranged as a poor man’s windbreaker.  Sand in … More June 9 (Day 39)

June 8 (Day 38)

Landers Meadow to Bird Spring Pass (608.9 to 630.8) Daily miles: 21.9 A pack full of 100 mile food, and now, 42 mile water.  I’m weighed down with consumables, which are tricky things because I hike with the knowledge that eating/drinking them will make me feel better and lighten my load.  But to eat and … More June 8 (Day 38)