July 3 (Day 63)

​CS970.2 to Wilma Lake (970.2 to 986.9)

Daily miles: 16.7

What did I say about not being able to go on? Oh yeah, right, I’ll go on.

Gorgeous morning walking down to Benson Lake with the mountains just all standing at perfect angles to each other.  Picturesque if mountains ever were.  The morning light was brilliant off the granite and the blue skies, radiant.  Joyful day to be walking along these paths.  Old growth forests with giant trees and ferns and dirt that probably never sees daylight.

My good mood carries me up Selvey Pass, which is maybe only a 1200 foot gain and I eat a long lunch on a ledge off trail.  The mountains before me, lake below me, things feel good.

But then all my energy plummets and I still have 2 small passes to walk over today.  Still over 2000 ft of elevation to gain and lose and this section of trail is not gentle or smooth, but steep and covered in loose rock and water.  So I let myself sink back into my bad mood, cursing the PCT.  By the time I’ve crested the last of the passes for the day I’m too tired to stop or rest or take pictures or even look at the view.

Going down, the sun gets lower and the forest draws me in.  My energy increases and I feel better when Wilma lake and campsite come into view.  It’s a fine lake, buggy, but it shimmers in the evening light.  Here it is surrounded by all the trees:

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