July 4 (Day 64)

​Wilmer Lake to CS1002.8 (986.9 to 1002.8)

Daily miles: 15.9

1000 miles on the PCT.  It’s a long way, but today was easy, thankfully.  I needed an easy day.  Right away I had to ford a thigh deep river, but it was calm and the water warm.  I meet a guy in high spirits, so some of his positive energy rubs off on me.

Today is Dorothy Lake pass, but the elevation was so gradual and steady I hardly even feel it.  A long lazy river spread through a big valley that was full of mud and grasses and big trees and rock.

Meadow going up to the pass

Dorothy Lake is one of those highly photogenic places, so I take a number if shots before the trail becomes a mud pit and I have to watch where I’m going.

Dorothy Lake on the south side of the pass

Snowmelt, trail turns to river, walk cross country on huge boulders and slippery rock, tall to a ranger, pass the 1000 mile marker, most excellent forests that turn day to night, and finally camp in a cozy spot pressed up against a steep mountain.  Feel better every day.

Looking north from Dorothy Lake Pass

One thought on “July 4 (Day 64)

  1. Seems rather fitting that you hit 1000 miles on the 4th of July! What a great way to celebrate the 4th! And, hitting that 1000 mile mark. Walk on!

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