July 15 (Day 75)

Five Lakes Creek CS to Peter Grubb Hut (1134.8 to 1160.8)

Daily miles: 26

Today: early high innocent clouds, bug free walking, half a dozen ski resorts (walk their slopes), friendly hikers, friendly trail runners, epic ridge walking, end of Granite Chief Wilderness, looking for water/growing thirsty, Reno Dave hands me a cold soda from a bear canister (trail magic) right when I need it the most, truck on past Truckee, get called a hero for walking on a trail (…), teach a lady about the PCT behind a highway rest stop (jaw dropped, she had no idea what a PCT was, much less that she happened to wander on it while stretching her legs), find the mosquitos, stop at the Peter Grubb Hut (one of the only shelters available to thru-hikers on the PCT) but sleep outside because the building smells like pot/cigs/booze/mold/decay/thru-hikers.  Sure hope I can keep up these bigger days, but boy do I get tired.

Morning walking through meadows. And look, clouds!
What can I say…
Near Truckee, where the railroad passes under the mountains
Meadow near the Peter Grubb hut

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