July 16 (Day 76)

Peter Grubb Hut to CS1187.0 (1160.8 to 1187)

Daily miles: 26.2

The marathon a day challenge continues (I’m counting yesterday’s 26 miles as a marathon) by hitting the distance on the mark exactly today.  Wasn’t even planned.  Tomorrow might be hard because it’s a town day, meaning resupply, followed by a big 3000 foot climb.  But I won’t worry about that tonight.

This is the Peter Grubb hut. You can sleep in the attic, or the lower level, but both are gross.
The sun’s going down.  It was up all day and it just had enough.  The sun’s got a big job to do on this trail, because it’s out all day every day.  Must get tired without ever getting to take a break behind some clouds.

Morning meadow, creek, skeeters
So many trees up here, beautiful trees.  Rolling hills and shadowy valleys.  It’s so pretty up here, you wouldn’t believe.  Fallen trees, rocks, my own fatigue.  It’s all part of it.

Here’s some trail in NorCal

I keep waiting for the part where everyone says the trail gets monotonous, or boring, or whatever it is that north California is supposed to be.  I’ll let you know when I find it.

Nice, isn’t it

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