July 17 (Day 77)

CS1187.0 to CS1209.3 (1187.0 to 1209.3) + 3 miles round trip to Sierra City

Daily miles: 25.3

A mile short of a marathon does not a marathon make, so the streak ends.  I spent 3 hours on my town excursion, which hurt my chances.  Plus I ate something called a “Gutbuster” and then took off for the big climb.  Which, I should know better than to eat a 1 pound cheeseburger covered in mayo and then head out in the heat of the day to walk up a 3000 foot piece of trail.  But food, in addition to being a premium resource out here, is also the greatest physical comfort afforded to us.  At least, that’s how it is with me.  Which is why I spend most of the late afternoon wondering if I’ll be able to fit dinner and a candy bar inside me later on.

Glory in the form of meat and cheese and a little bit of lettuce and tomato

So then, the hike is out over the Sierra Buttes.  Up and out of the valley, green with trees, turning the town to toy houses.  Deep valleys, rocky talus trail, tiny little lakes, ridge-walking.  Wind enough to make me take my cap off, but not strong enough to drive me insane.

The trail on a ridge above the deep valley and Sierra City
Up above Sierra City. Forgotten little place that I think I’ll move to one day.

A spot in the woods is home tonight, as it holds a warm pond full of reeds and algae-tasting water.  I use it to cook a dinner (of course I ate dinner, and was there ever a doubt.. ) of rice and vegetables.  I listen to music and watch the moss grow on the sides of the trees, which is as a fine pastime a person could ask for in my opinion, naturally.

My favorite sign so far

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