May 8 (Day 7)

Barrel Springs to Warner Springs Community Center (Mile 101.1 to 109.5) Daily miles: 8.4 Sleep gets better and easier each night.  By morning most of the previous day’s pain is gone and I take my time packing things away this morning since I only have a short day today. I walk through brown rolling hills … More May 8 (Day 7)

Day 6

Scissor’s Crossing to Barrel Springs (PCT mile 101.1) Daily miles: 23.8 My camp mates were hitching 13 miles to the nearby town of Julien, but I was ready to get hiking.  I took off into the San Felipe Hills, which kind of seemed like mountains to me.  This part of the trail sees almost no … More Day 6

Day 5

Campsite at 61.5 to Scissor’s Crossing (PCT mile 77.3) Daily miles: 15.8 The tent shook and rocked and flapped like a thing possessed until the early morning.  But held.  At some point wind smiled, rested his small chin on his shallow chest, and left.  Wind never says goodbye. By morning rain had taken up, and … More Day 5

Day 4

Laguna Campground to tent site at mile 61.5 (14 miles + .7 miles off PCT) The wind wishes to say hello. Have you met him?  He’s a stark and pale gentleman and sometimes you’d think he’s invisible if it weren’t for the thin white wisps of hair that streak back across the bald dome of … More Day 4

Day 3

Cibbets Flat to Laguna Campground (47.5) + 2.2 (off PCT) 17.1 daily miles I take the road walk again in the morning, canyon light red and pale.  I rejoin the PCT around mile 30, just past Kitchen Creek.  I’m very much alone for the first time on the PCT as I’ve found myself caught between … More Day 3

Day 2

Hauser Creek to Cibbets Flat C.G. (32.6) + 1.5 (off PCT) 18.9 daily miles Ahh, morning hiking. The sun hasn’t rounded the bend yet and I start the 1000 ft. climb up to Lake Morena in fine spirits.  Why does everyone try to get to Lake Morena on the first day?  It’s a tough climb, … More Day 2

Day 1

0.0 to 15.2 (Hauser Creek) At appx. 7:30 western time I turned the keys to the ignition of my hiking machine and the whole mechanism sputtered to life.  I wave goodbye (goodbye!) to those standing at the southern PCT terminus and take off through the low rolling hills covered in scrubby green desert vegetation.  I … More Day 1